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" The best value for money wireless earbuds on the market to date. "

Sam Crawford - The Man Blueprint

Sleek Design

Lightweight. Comfortable. Pocket sized.  

Completely Waterproof

With an IPX8 waterproof rating, you'll have no problems with sweat, moisture or dust. With the Titan sport wireless earbuds, even swimming is possible. 

(up to one metre depth)

Wireless charging

Powerful Battery

Our charging case is packed with a 600mAH battery. Providing your earbuds with up to 5 charges. That's enough charge to last a whole day. From the office, to the gym.


Powerful. Raw. Intelligent. Our wireless earbuds come with all the qualities of the greek god himself.


Inspired by the centaur god that taught the likes of Achilles and Theseus.

Chiron was known to be both powerful , yet, intelligent.

He mastered the arts of medicine, archery and music.

 Taught by Apollo himself.

 Chiron was a respected friend to many of his contemporaries.

And, upon his death, Zeus, placed him amongst the stars, so that he would always be able to guide demigods in need.

It is our belief that Chirons legacy should live on.