About Kiron

In December 2018, our founder Louis Philogene (then aged 17), struggling with the conflict of his physical limitations; against his vision of self actualisation.

Stuck at the wrong side of a hurdle. With constant distractions, no guidance and a feeling of insignificance. He lacked the energy to push through those limitations. Both in the gym and the workplace. 

Eager for direction, he looked to the Greek myths he had previously learnt about at his time at college.

The stories of heroes, and the heroes journey. In the ordinary world of the hero to be, there is a call to adventure. Followed by the heroes refusal, and then a meeting with their mentor. This all takes place before they can 'cross the threshold' and embark on their quest. 

For Louis, the 'mentors' that allowed him to cross the threshold of his own limitations, were music, and an ambition, fuelled from the stories of the likes of Achilles and Heracles. 

The power of these personal 'mentors' led him to wonder. Could the Greek myths help guide other young men and women to overcome their limits?

quickly he set his mind to developing a way he could communicate the values of the great mentor of many demigods - Chiron. Chiron was a Greek centaur god that offered guidance to many young heroes on their journeys. He represented music, mastery and mentorship. 

Louis working on the Kiron website from our first office (his bedroom)

This ethos gave us great inspiration for building a product that can help young fitness enthusiasts break through their personal limitations when training. 

That's why we decided to create the Titan sport Wireless earbuds. to use the power of sound to fuel your inner ambition. We hope this inner ambition will guide you through hurdles as Chiron once would. 

Whats next?

As we share our message and offer guidance on the journeys of young fitness enthusiasts. We look to build a strong community. Both online, and locally. 

We aim to do this by sharing insights and knowledge through the form of blog posts. 

We will continue to create products we believe will empower our audience. To achieve this, we will continue to employ the local young talent in our hometown Wotton-under-edge. To both develop our brand, and their personal skill sets. 

To help develop better individuals and better communities. 

Wottons landmark: Wotton Hill